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Signed up May 2, 2024

SALE! Up to 20% Off Select Products. Ends June 29,2024 In this module, we explore how to tackle advanced Probability questions. *Note: Every 5th grade student who performs in the top 40% in state mathematics exams will automatically be enrolled in Advanced Math in the 6th grade. Families can decide to opt-out of Advanced Math if they feel their student is not ready. The second Advanced Problem Solving module introduces you to mathematical notation and logical thinking. I started high school in Advanced Algebra 1, but I didn't do all that great so I'm taking regular Geometry my sophomore year. Geometry is going much better than Algebra (my grade is currently a 101 in geo as opposed to my B- average in algebra) but the way my school structures math I would still go to regular Algebra II my junior year and then do Trig and/or Pre-Calc my senior year.


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