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Signed up August 29, 2022

The Best Winter Camping Gear

Camping Equipment: The best camping equipment is a high-quality sleeping bag. When choosing the best sleeping bag, it is important to choose one that has a cold weather rating of at minimum two degrees below your temperature at which you are expecting to stay. The Coleman Coleman one is fantastic. A dry bag is recommended to ensure that your sleeping bag is safe from being wet.

A quality sleeping pad with an R-value greater than 4 is suggested. Avoid air-filled pads and stick to foam. To sleep at night I carry one cushion inside my purse.

Cooking equipment A couple of water bottles with insulation are required for storing hot or cold liquids. Additionally, you will require camp stoves that have plates, fuel and other utensils.

To hang your food items at night, be sure to pack a bear container or dry bag. If you don't plan to backpack, you could place the bag inside your trunk.


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