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Steven Schuback


Steven Schuback
Signed up August 19, 2015

Steven Schuback was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia.
He always had a love for poetry and reading, but it was when his children started
preschool that he found himself drawn to writing children’s books. The themes of
Steven’s books encourage confidence within the everyday life of a child.
Steven’s hope is that children can both learn from, and enjoy reading his books,
and that any child who needs a confidence boost can find it when it is needed.

Steven's other books include 'Nothing to be scared of Little Monster', 'Someone Who Loves You' and 'Debra the Different Zebra'.


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Books for Neglected Children

by Steven Schuback
Help us get a special children's book into the hands of neglected children, to help them see that there is always someone who cares.
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Funded Contributed Oct 13, 2021
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