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Timothy canaa

Signed up August 23, 2022

Key resources

Include any resources you can leverage to add value to your customer. The most important assets you have could be capital, staff or intellectual property. Make sure to take advantage of businesses' resources accessible to women, veterans, Native Americans, and HUBZone companies.

Value proposition

Be clear and persuasive about the value your company offers to its customers.

Relationships with customers

Define how your customers will interact with your company. Do you prefer to be more personal or automated? Online or in person? Think through the customer experience from beginning to end.

Customer segments

Make sure you are specific when naming your target market. Your business won't be for everyone, therefore it's crucial to be clear of the people your business is going to be serving.


List the top ways that you will talk to customers. Most businesses use a mix of channels, and they'll be able to optimize them over time.


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