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Signed up August 20, 2022

7 companies with great brand guidelines


Alienware was originally advertised as a gaming company designed for gamers who are serious.

After conducting more market studies, the company realized that serious gamers see gaming as a way of life, with an ever-expanding, multi-cultural society.

The brand was revamped using its guidelines for branding. This demonstrates that the new logo better reflects the identity of the gaming community.

Anyone who wants to advertise the goods of the business through its own advertising campaigns will find everything from logos and illustrations , to photographs and layouts.


Audi is a brand that is well-known all over the world. This means that the brand is promoted and replicated in a multitude of places.

This is why the online brand guidelines are extremely specific.

Audi has different branding guidelines for its user interfaces, communication channels and corporate branding.

For any kind of material used for branding There are a variety of ratios and alignment rules that could be utilized with the company logo.


The rich and colorful past of Carrefour is reflected in its vibrant color palette and lively layouts.

The brand guidelines content emphasizes being open and warm and is also in tune with the environment of the brand. This is a great approach to Carrefour to use in its quest to be recognized and respected in the retail food sector for its commitment to providing excellent customer service.

Carrefour's brand books can be an excellent source of inspiration if are looking to create a family-friendly brand that instills warmth and familiarity.


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