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Jiang Rin is not annoyed, is still smiling, said that he will come back to interview him. After eating takeout with Zhang Qi and not even having a rest, Shen Zhinan was ready to start an interview. Interview questions are some very vulgar and routine questions, Shen Zhinan's answer is also very official, encountered some questions that can not be answered, Shen Zhinan evaded a few words. In the middle of the interview, Jiang Lin came in again, holding his hands in his arms, and stood watching Shen Zhinan chatting with the host of the magazine. And the morning is still a little bit polite and alienated, now Jiang Rin's eyes are not taboo, looking straight at Shen Zhinan. Aware of his eyes, Shen Zhinan felt a little uncomfortable, and he didn't like this kind of look with a special meaning at all. But the interview is going on, and it's reasonable for Jiang Lin to appear here as creative director, Shen Zhinan can't say anything. To the last question, the host suddenly asked Shen Zhinan's future emotional planning, Shen Zhinan can clearly feel that Jiang Lin looked at his eyes more eager, but also with an interesting look at himself. Now everyone knows that Shen Zhinan and Huo Huaibei are together,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, but there is no news after that, and I don't know how they are recently. Shen Zhinan felt even more uncomfortable and opened his mouth directly: "I have proposed marriage and I am ready to get married." As soon as this word came out, all the people in the audience were surprised. Zhang Qi was surprised because Shen Zhinan has been very low-key since he returned home from his vacation. He even took off his ring in order not to let the media find out. Now he has taken the initiative to say this. The host was surprised because she didn't think that Shen Zhinan would take the initiative to break the news. Originally, she asked this question without any hope. She just wanted to relax after the end. It seems that the sales of the magazine will increase greatly this time. Jiang Rin is a tut, eyes quickly across a fleeting dim. At the end of the interview, Zhang Qi drove back with Shen Zhinan. On the way, he asked,Oil Dropper Bottle, "Mr. Shen, are you ready to announce it?" "No," Shen Zhinan looked out of the window lightly. "I can only say let nature take its course." But when the magazine comes out, Huo Huaibei may be very happy. The weather has gradually begun to go to winter, the work is also particularly much, Shen Zhinan recently just came out of the crew not long ago, Shen Zhinan and Ke Junjie hit face to face. The wilderness survival show they filmed together has been launched. Originally, there was no traffic for such a slightly serious popular science program, but because of Ke Junjie, the ratings were very good. This also let many people see Shen Zhinan's calm thinking mind and his attitude of not panicking when things happen. His excellent performance in the program made many people sit up and take notice of him. Shen Zhinan in the program to Ke Junjie and Wang Che's good, fans are really in the heart, originally a lot of fans who went to Ke Junjie, finally turned to Shen Zhinan. Also let Shen Zhinan anger brush a wave of passers-by favor. Countless fans and passers-by recalled that a lot of things happened to Shen Zhinan in the past six months. He performed well on the show, cosmetic packaging wholesale ,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, interacted with everyone on Weibo to teach popular science knowledge, was blackmailed by his father, and even had a love affair with Huo Huaibei. No matter what happened, their impression of Shen Zhinan changed. They found that the former Shen Zhinan seemed to have disappeared, but now this Shen Zhinan is proving himself to everyone with his actions. He and Ke Junjie were invited to participate in many activities because the program of survival in the wilderness made everyone enjoy teaching. Since then, the same type of popular science programs have also caught fire, and various forms of programs have sprung up like mushrooms. During the National Science Knowledge Competition, the opening organizer even mentioned Shen Zhinan's name in his opening speech, saying that he led everyone to learn scientific knowledge happily and was a good artist with virtue and art. Shen Zhinan's image has completely changed in the hearts of the public. What really surprised the public again was the drama "The Wind and Cloud of the Republic of China" broadcast in winter. Although Shen Zhinan played the second man in it, the first scene of his appearance shocked the public.
On the platform, he was dressed in crescent white, and the teachers of the Republic of China period were dressed in elegant robes, holding a volume of books, reading the handout in a gentle voice, as gentle as jade, rippling time. The picture was frozen, and every move was taken by netizens, which went viral on the Internet. Let countless people think of the phrase "strangers are like jade, childe is unique in the world". However, not only the appearance of the Republic of China, people found that Shen Zhinan's acting in the play is also remarkable, there is no shadow of the previous affectation, and compared with the actors with professional background, it is even better. Shen Zhinan is a small explosion in this winter, with numerous activities, numerous jobs and numerous invitations. After this year, Shen Zhinan's contract will expire, also will begin to prepare and Ke Junjie cooperation studio things, the company is not thin, before leaving Shen Zhinan also want to work hard, as long as the company takes the work he is running hard, is also the last to repay the company's kindness. At the end of the year, the company has a lot of things, Huo Huaibei also began to become busy, flying around to deal with the work, the two of them actually opened a rare mode of gathering less and leaving more. The magazine that Shen Zhinan participated in the interview before was finally published at the end of the year. Originally, it was prepared to be issued in the current period, but because of Shen Zhinan's'preparation for marriage ', the magazine directly suppressed the explosive news and put it on the end of the year. The magazine was snapped up as soon as it came out, and the topic of Shen Zhinan and Huo Huaibei planning to get married also topped the list of hot searches. All the netizens who eat melons are exclaiming that this should be the fastest speed of love and marriage in history, right? Chapter 105 going home. When Huo Huaibei saw the magazine, it was actually a day after the magazine's initial release. He had just returned from a business trip in the United States. Based on the fact that many netizens,Glass Cosmestic Containers, employees of his company, and even his family knew about it, Huo Huaibei was the last person to eat his own melon.


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