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A campaign by marta
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This is a story about a small village in India. Any small village with little or no sanitation, little or no electricity and no reliable source of drinking water. For most, village residents go “maidan,” walk and cycle, burn kerosene lamps or use what light they get, and collect water from hand pumps.

Exposed feces is one of the main causes of air and water borne diseases. Encouraging people to use toilets is an important way to prevent adults, and mainly children, from falling ill. While the local governments are doing their best to improve things, our contributions can help speed up the process.

I arrived in India in 2012 and partnered with a small village in Uttar Pradesh as a part of my project to make village life more convenient. Together we built 82 evapotranspiration toilets, one of the first permeable roads in the area, and many other projects all in the areas of education, health care and infrastructure – organic farming, water, power, transport.

We brought the community together and communicated to them the benefits of every project we are doing in the village. Today this small village understands the importance of hygiene and healthcare.

Children in the village are educating their elders to use toilets and keep the neighborhood clean. The response from this village gives us hope that we can reach out to one more village, and my personal involvement will make a difference.

Help me to help make our villages healthy and happy!
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Core Team

Marta Vanduzer-Snow
For the last few years, Marta has been working in two villages in Uttar Pradesh in the areas of education, health care and infrastructure - food, water, power, transport. Ms. Vanduzer-Snow studied at Lafayette College, New York University and is currently a doctoral student at Rutgers University. She co-authored a multivolume set on United States’ foreign policy during the cold war years. Her works have appeared in G24 Papers, Finance and Development, Indian Express. She specializes in Political Economy, Global Governance and Comparative Politics.

Pawan Singh
Pawan, since 2014, works in two villages in the Amethi and Rae Bareli districts of Uttar Pradesh. As the project director, he oversees and runs many programs in the areas of education, health care and infrastructure - organic farming, water, power, transport. He has overseen the construction of 82 evapotranspiration toilets, one of Rae Bareli’s first permeable roads, as well as many other projects.

Our past work …

The toilet model

A year old toilet

Permeable roads

Solar power

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