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A campaign by Silvia Suro
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Imagine a healthy soda that gives you the best of three worlds: a refreshing experience, great taste, and healthy nutrients!

Cherrysh Inc is creating an all-natural, ZERO sugar added and bubbly drink that tastes good without giving you a sense of guilt! Our ingredients are super fruits and vegetables with low-glycemic index. This means you can drink our soda everyday without adding unnecessary sugar to your diet. 

Why a healthy soda?

We're not ashamed to admit that we LOVE soda. Its bubbles are refreshing and make it a great experience. But we know that because of the excessive amounts of sugar, artificial flavoring and other chemicals contained in most soda, it's possible to have too much of a good thing.

This is why the consumption of soda has become one of the biggest contributors to life-threatening obesity, diabetes and cancer. 

Why our soda is better?

Finding healthier alternatives is difficult and time-consuming. Current alternatives on the market force you to make sacrifices. You have to give something up -- whether it's the refreshing fizzy experience, the quality of taste and sweetness, or nutritional value. 

With our soda you don’t need to make any of these trade-offs.

What's IN our soda?
  • Bubbles!
  • Juice from low-glycemic fruits & veggies
  • Flavors & Vitamins from our fruits & veggies
  • Natural Sweetness from our fruits & veggies

Our soda is truly refreshing! It's fantastic after work outs, as a complement to your lunch or dinner or simply to quench your thirst on the go!


Cherrysh is diverse in all possible ways, but our shared values and passion for improving and promoting the healthy lifestyles of others is what brings us together. 

1. Promote transparency and awareness about the realities of the modern food and beverage industry.

2. Share learnings and insights that engender trust in our brand among consumers, and which work toward building a better future. 

3. Encourage people to embrace a healthy lifestyle that is 'a joyful aspiration, not a dreadful obligation'.

4. Instill in consumers a shared sense of passion and urgency to move society forward in a more healthy, sustainable way.

5. Treat our environment, customers and community with the utmost respect.

6. Be better and better in all that we do.


Our team met one other as graduate students at the Hult International Business School in San Francisco. We participated in a special program focused on innovation and social impact called Co-Creation Lab. After competing for 4 months, a jury of seasoned entrepreneurs and venture capitalists awarded us 1st Place out of 18 teams. Since then, we have incorporated Cherrysh and are continuing to pursue our dream of building the first truly healthy soda beverage company.

Team Members:

 Silvia Guillermina Suro, Business Development
Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, Silvia received her MBA with a focus in entrepreneurship, after six years of sales and marketing experience in the packaged consumer goods industry. She has worked with companies like Procter & Gamble and SuperMax. Silvia is currently a Fulbright fellow working to drive positive change in her home community. She loves salsa dancing and previously performed in several off-Broadway productions in Mexico.


 Ivaylo Vasilev, Project Management

Originally from Sofia, Bulgaria, Ivaylo has 10 years of experience as a certified project management professional (PMP), in addition to holding a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the Technical University of Sofia. He recently obtained an MBA from Hult International Business School with a focus in entrepreneurship. Ivaylo previously worked with Lufthansa, Coca-Cola and the Bulgarian Academy of Science managing a diverse array of projects.

 Bhushan Surve, Research and Development

Originally from Mumbai, India, Bhushan got his Masters in Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai before finishing his PhD in Organic Chemistry at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Over the past 7 years, he has worked on drug discovery research toward the treatment and prevention of diabetes, cancer, and Parkinson's disease. More recently, he received his MBA with a focus in entrepreurship from Hult International Business School.


 Diana Kiriakova, Finance

Originally from Moscow, Russia, Diana attended the Moscow State University of International Relations where she received her B.S. degree in Economics. She has experience in financial analysis and internal auditing at Kaspersky Lab, a multinational antivirus software company. More recently, she received her Master's Degree in Finance with a focus on Entrepreneurial Finance at Hult International Business School.


 Xing Rao, Marketing

Originally from Sichuan Province, China, home of the panda bear. Xing recently received his Master’s Degree in International Marketing at Hult Business School. He's interested in digital marketing and sales, stemming from his work as a Sales Representative for Nestle in China. He previously also worked in human resources management as an HR specialist with the A.S. Watsons Group. Xing has done NGO projects both in China and India, helping low-income women improve their economic standing. 



  • We are 40% women. 
  • We are global: India, China, Russia, Bulgaria and Mexico. 
  • We have an array of valuable skills and knowledge: PhD in Chemistry, PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Project Management, MBA, Master in Finance, Master in Marketing.
  • Our unique professional skills and education combine to make Cherrysh well-suited to the task at hand. We have 9 years of research experience in the pharmaceutical industry focused on new drug development for diabetes and cancer, 6 years of business development with retail and wholesale businesses, and have previously started 3 other companies.


We plan to raise $50,000. The funds will be used for creating the syrup formulation and the production-ready drink. A quick breakdown on where proceeds will go:
  • Formula Research & Development: $25,000
  • Label & Packaging Design & Sourcing: $4,000
  • Product Launch: $ 21,000


With your help we can make a positive impact in our communities! We can help decrease the amount of people who suffer from obesity, diabetes and cancer!  

We want you to have easy access to products that contribute to your health AND which fit into your lifestyle. You should not sacrifice healthiness for time, taste or fun anymore...  

We've engineered our product with love, and we can't wait to share it with the world!

Please crowdfund this new social startup!

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