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Darkling as an Audiobook

A campaign by Kellie

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A campaign by Kellie
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  • Kellie June 17, 2017



    This campaign has been such a wonderful journey, and I was invited to share a bit about it on a webcast called TORn Tuesdays. As such, we are extending the crowdfund by just a few days so that we can have a celebratory end on air. Join us live for a discussion (that is bound to include J.R.R. Tolkien!) at 5PM PST at where I will answer your questions and bid this wonderful campaign a very fond farewell!

    Thank you SO MUCH to everyone for your overflowing support. It is so exciting to be fully funded. The Darkling audiobook is not very far off now!

  • Kellie June 8, 2017

    The final 10 days are upon us. 

    Thank you SO much to everyone who has donated, shared, and supported our amazing campaign. It has been a fantastic journey all thanks to your generous support. We will be closing the campaign at midnight PST on June 18th, so be sure to claim any rewards that you may have passed over and invite any friends who haven't heard about the campaign yet but might be interested.

    Remember, there are also three new rewards for your to choose from if you so wish! The Wild Frontier as an audiobook, The Wild Frontier art print, and Eurielle's "Midsummer's Song."

  • Kellie May 28, 2017

    WE DID IT! 

    Yesterday, we reached our crowdfunding goal! We are so excited and can't wait to bring you the Darkling audiobook. Gail is already planning out the chapters!

    So what can you expect now that we reached our goal?

    First off, be sure to send an email to so that I have your shipping address for your goodies! If not, look for an email from me soon.

    We also have just released two exciting "stretch goal" rewards. Eurielle is recording, composing, and producing "Midsummer's Song" from Darkling which is available now for pre-order and is sure to be haunting and beautiful like all of her work.

    And also....

    Gail will now be recording my novella, The Wild Frontier! While this crowdfund was for Darkling, we have always talked about how wonderful it would be if she could also record The Wild Frontier. We were afraid of setting too high a goal to raise the money for both, however, now thanks to your generous hearts, both audiobooks will be available soon!

    Fund Dreamer really is funding our dreams!

  • Kellie May 26, 2017

    We are at 89% and the first round of books has arrived!

    Look at these beauties... all ready to make their way to YOU! If you have not done so already, please send an email to with your shipping address and who you would like me to inscribe the book(s) to! Also, if you have not yet paid your international postage rate ($22.50 for the book, $13.50 for the poster), then please contact me to arrange to do so so that I can get your goodies on their way!

  • Kellie May 15, 2017

    Your Books Are Coming!

    Just one week after our official launch, we have raised 65% of what we need to make this dream a reality. You all truly are funding a dream! Normally, rewards are not distributed until the end of a crowdfund, but being this close to our goal in such a short amount of time has made me confident enough to order the first round of limited edition copies of Darkling. They should arrive by May 30, at which point I will begin shipping them out ASAP! :D 

               Getting my "Goth on" with this piece of Gothic literature (SnapChat filters are the best!)

    Thank you so much to everyone who has donated, voted, liked, shared, or even just sent us their well wishes. With your help, we are getting closer to seeing this dream become a reality every day! 

  • Kellie May 12, 2017

    We are at 42% You guys are awesome!

    Since we have been getting several inquiries from folks overseas, we wanted to let you know that you CAN claim a physical copy of the book or print here so long as you are willing to pay the additional postage fees. We're still working out what those are, but for the book alone it should be between $13 and $15 USD. Send a message here or on my author page to arrange the details!

  • Kellie May 10, 2017

    My proof of the limited edition of Darkling has arrived... and it's beautiful! Just as beautiful is the fact that you all have helped us to reach 36% of our goal, just two days after the official launch. Thank you SO much! Please continue to help us by spreading the word. You can also now "vote" for our campaign. If we get 100, then Fund Dreamer will feature us for a week for free. It is a great way to help even if you can't financially contribute! Much love to you all and may your paths ever be charmed!

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