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The Dairy Land Company will be established in March 2018. Based in Nejrab district of Kapisa province, Afghanistan. The Dairy Land Company focuses on dairy production and distribution for customers’ need. Afghanistan imports 75% of its dairy products from abroad which worth 42 million dollars. 25% of the total demands are produced by five medium factories which are processing 8 million liters of milk and 15 small factories which is processing 180000 liters of milk in Afghanistan yearly. Local companies have narrow coverage. They supply only for their local markets and cannot reach throughout the country. Further, they are active during particular seasons and they offer limited flavor with short-time durability. So, there is a huge problem, in order to replace the imported dairy products with locally processed products we have to improve livestock and farmers’ lifestyle in our country. Afghanistan has 4.5 million milking cows and produces 1.5 million liters milk per day (FAO, report 2016) which make us capable to get the unprocessed milk from local markets.

Dairy Land Company will produce fresh pasteurized milk, yogurt, curd, butter, cream, and doogh with different flavors and long-time durability.

Our Mission statement

Our mission is to produce organic and high-quality nutrition dairy products for everyone to be healthy, increase domestic dairy products with low price, and to enhance farmers’ lifestyle with the help of modern technology and production methodology in the country.

Products listed as below:






Cream Butter

We produce organic Dairy with different flavors with High quality, natural, fresh, pure in different flavor dairy products.

We only use organic raw cow milk. Healthy and nutritious product. Different sized-packs.

Hygienic Processing

Professional employees will test the collected milk, then we will start processing it to produce various products out of it such as yogurt, cheese, cream, and dough. Afterward, machineries do the packaging, labeling, and packing part then the products will be sent to storage house ready for final delivery to market.

Milk Cooperative support

Dairy Land Company has contracted with Dalyar milk cooperative for receiving of raw cow milk on time for processing to our factory. Dalyar Milk Cooperative cover, 14 villages, 700 farmer's household, 800 milking cows and produce over 2000 liters milk per day.

Risk and challenges

The major challenge for us is the short-time expiration of dairy products. To overcome this challenge we install high quality, standard dairy processing line machine named HTU milk processing which enhances the durability of products up to 6-12 months.

Our estimated budgeting plan shows more than $82000 to start Dairy Land Compay, but we are hopeful to raise through crowdfunding of total amount to cover some initial costs plus license.

I sincerely appreciate your support and contributions to this project.

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