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Lets Give smile to a Child

A campaign by Swarup Bedbak

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A campaign by Swarup Bedbak
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Lets Give smile to a Child

Lets Give smile to a Child.

Hi I am Swarup m working as an International Business Developer in India. I Holds A Degree In Business Administration With Export And Import Management And International Business. Had Undertaken Many Consulting Assignments Related To Agriculture And Agri-Based Industries, Forestry And Forest Based Cottage Industries, Rural Development, Etc. In Another Way I was Always Heartily Dedicate To Society For Social Development. Actively Working For Woman Empowerment, Children's Rights, Social And Cultural Development.

When I visit some place I got that all information about Student who have no study material, No Note Book, No Pencil Nothing, I feel bad for them. From my deep heart I think to help them but I am not capable to help them properly, but after some time I think I am able to help them. I will utilize my knowledge with the support of Fund Dreamer team & my entire contributor. So after a long time I try to start the process.

The Current Situation :

Many student are unable read and write properly, we know very well that government always try to support in this type of condition but what’s the reality that’s also we know. Their families have no heavy income source to manage their personal requirement. In our society many children are drawn towards drugs, criminal elements and indulge in other undesirable / anti-social activities. For why – is it for family background ? No I don’t think so.. its all depend on education. Education of locality, family and the student. If we think that boy was an uneducated person that’s wrong, if any one become an uneducated then that’s a fault of family and the locality. When you read this please don’t say it’s a statement of swarup.. I would like to tell you something… it’s a reality …

In the village area many children are unable to read and write. So they have nothing to read and write they have only book which is provided by government. Neither have they had writing materials nor encouragement support to study from family or from school. They want to study but it’s not possible. They want to smile but it’s also not possible.

The Vision :

So now I think we will do something deference … we will give a sweet smile to all that student / children . we have a target of 100000 ( one lakhs ) student to support in the area of Balangir , Subarnapur, Boudh, Koraput, Kandhamal, Kalahandi and Raygada district which is in the state of Odisha.. But for this prominent service large amount of financial support required. For that reason we think 1st we will support to 5000 ( Five thousand ) students.

We will support 5000 student before Children’s Day – 2016 ( 14 / November / 2016 ). We together work for this prominent service. we will give 2 Nos – Note book , 1 Nos – Pen , 1 Nos – Pencil to each student.
Many person think it’s not a big job but Sir & Madam by this we will try to smile someone. One Smile high costly from Kohinoor for them. So this work so much costly. We need to work sincerely because before children’s day we need to complete this work properly. So lets do it.
I would like to tell you something from my heart that we really need your support so this prominent service may become a reality.

With Your Help, We Hope To Achieve Much More! :

If you cannot or aren't able to contribute at this movement, but still want to support us ,we understand. There are still so many ways you can help us to spread the word about us and our campaign.
Bond with us ! Help us build our community. Please share this campaign on social media. Please email my story to everyone you know. Don't forget to Spreading this campaign far and wide may touch people that are inspired to help.! Tell your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues about this campaign.
So Do spread the word , Fund Us , Make It Happen