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Dee Helen Lavell


Dee Helen Lavell
Signed up October 31, 2017

I am an Australian single mother with metastatic breast cancer living in Oregon.
Although I came from a caring and loving family and I am grateful for the many blessings in my life, my life has not been a bed of roses.
I married late in life and experienced infertility - not being able to conceive a child broke my heart as it was always such a strong desire of mine. God, however, blessed me and made me a Mother via adoption with children's services in Los Angeles.
Like so many others, I have experienced the heartache of divorce. I also lost both my parents and moved with my family across the Pacific Ocean - all of these things happened within a 4 year period. It’s been hard.
My sons are amazing and beautiful African Americans with charm, intellect and a wicked sense of humor. They are destined for great things, and I want to have longevity to witness what they will achieve, God willing. I wrote this song for my son Maliq, he is turning 14 on 11/30


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Life Events

I want to go to SoCal to see my kids and grandson.

by Dee Helen Lavell
I want to go to SoCal to see my kids and grandson.
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