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Tarot, My Love

by Nadine Kijner
Please help me fund my dream of creating my Tarot Deck, and complete/publish my book, Tarot, My Love. Tarot Readings given to contributors.
7% $591 Open
Funded Contributed Aug 14, 2015

Wingate Animal Clinic Displaced and Injured Animals- Fairdale IL Tornado Fund

by Mary Poineal
Donations for the food and boarding of the Displaced & Injured Animals of the Fairdale, IL Tornado, April 9, 2015, at Wingate Animal Clinic.
15% $795 Open
Funded Contributed Apr 12, 2015

Help Ira fund her photography education

by Iryna Yeroshko
Everyone has a medium to explore life and change things. Mine is photography. You can help me fund my dream.
21% $1,721 Open
Funded Contributed Jul 26, 2015
Life Events

Pay it forward

by Devon Spence
Shot in the face and head; Danae knows God has a plan for her.
0% $265 Open
Funded Contributed Aug 9, 2015

Funds for Tech start up Dailytechstudios

by troy chowdhury
we need some start up capital for marketing and advertising along with SEO,promotions & need to pay for expensive cloud servers.
2500% $250 Open
Funded Contributed Jul 14, 2015

Support Historic Afghan Women’s Ascent to the Peak!

by Marina LeGree
Empower young women in Afghanistan and beyond using leadership-through-sports to create role models and inspire others.
106% $2,138 Open
Funded Contributed Jul 27, 2015

Hip Hop Saves Lives and College Confident present Chrome to College!

We are raising money to buy 400 high school students Google Chromebooks for college!
110% $27,617 Open
Funded Contributed Mar 17, 2015

Wild Horse Album

by Michele Vreeland
Raise funds for the release and marketing of Wild Horse album
11% $570 Open
Funded Contributed Feb 12, 2016
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