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New Zeland Dreamer

by NailyaDreamer
Hi! My name is Nailya and I'm inlove with New Zeland. It's really important for me to study in this country, that's why I need your help.
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Heidi is doing 2nd Yr at BSSM 2019/2020

by Heidi Kinder
It's time to embark on the next chapter in this adventure and change of seasons. I have been accepted to attend a 2nd Year of BSSM.
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Funded Contributed Jun 8, 2018

Warm clothing and blankets for orphans of Boko Haram insurgency

by Mustapha Bello
These children are mostly orphans as a result of Boko Haram attacks on their communities. They now live in open tents in camps exposed to co
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Funded Contributed Mar 4, 2019
Staff Picks

The Hedy Lamarr Memorial

by Katherine
Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Hedy Lamarr’s “Frequency Hopping” patent by donating to her memorial in the Vienna Central Cemetery.
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Funded Contributed May 10, 2016
Life Events

Jamilu's Youth empowerment forum

by Dan-mutum Jamilu Gwarzala
This forum will bring together over 250 young delegates from every corner of the continent to question and critically address global issues.
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Funded Contributed Feb 15, 2019

CREO.8 Latina Heroines

In the dark underworld of elite Hispennials nesting in Aventine Hill (DTLA 2020) the Creo.8 Agents rid Mother Earth of all Shadow Invaders
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Keep Eliezer Tristan Publishing Alive

by Eliezer Tristan Publishing
Eliezer Tristan Publishing is an independent publishing house that publishes books from people living with invisible illnesses.
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Funded Contributed Jan 24, 2019

Hope for Rowan story

by rachid attalah
Hope for Rowan
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Save homeless dog Wolf hit by a car

by Larisa Ulanova
Wolf is in desperate need to undergo an expensive surgery to save his rear leg after he was hit by a car
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Funded Contributed Dec 12, 2018

Our Likeness

by our likeness
Loide travels to 15 countries documenting the likeness (identity) and the feminine divinity with the assistance of her global sisterhood.
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Funded Contributed Nov 16, 2017

less stress cleanup

by Sireka
I’m an ordinary person with an extraordinary idea 💡
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Funded Contributed Dec 16, 2017

amescosa ON THE ROAD

by Andrea Schläppi
Boost the first women-centered initiative in Kenya to empower female youth with substance use disorders to become the force of change makers
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Funded Contributed Sep 26, 2018

Graduate from Med School

by Alecsandra Popescu Hobeanu
Hello, people! My name is Alexandra Popescu and my aim is to raise money as soon as possible for my tuition for Medical School!
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Funded Contributed Oct 7, 2018

Мечтаю научиться летать

by Виталий
Я мечтаю стать пилотом, для этого я хочу пройти полный курс профессионального пилота авиалиний, в летной академии гражданской авиации..
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Funded Contributed Sep 26, 2018


by word reference
wordreference spanish
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Funded Contributed Sep 27, 2018

Donate to Our Mental Health Publishing Company

by Sarah Fader
Support our publishing company's dreams share people's stories of surviving trauma, living lives with mental illness and sharing hope!
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Funded Contributed Sep 13, 2018
Disaster Relief

Campanha do Agasalho

by Eduardo Mota
Dando inicio a obras missionarias em toda a parte, ajudando morados de ruas a não passarem frio e nem morrerem por falta de roupas.
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Funded Contributed Sep 11, 2018

Sustainable beauty +life

by stephanie pion
I have a passion for education, well being and beauty. I want to educate humans how sustain all of these in their daily beauty regimen.
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Funded Contributed Sep 11, 2018

PLEASE HELP Aizhan to pay for Master degree in finance at Westminster University

by Aizhan Kurmasheva
PLEASE HELP Aizhan to pay for Master degree in finance at Westminster University
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Funded Contributed Sep 6, 2018
Life Events

Terry Guerin Memorial Fund

by Sanae Guerin
Help pay for medical bills, caregiving and final service costs. Monies remaining will go towards publication and promotion of Terry's books.
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Funded Contributed Jul 3, 2017